Planning a Social Distancing Nativity?  Need to make it Covid 19 Safe?

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Social Distanced scripts: suit any circumstances.

Don’t worry: Whatever your question is, I am confident that the answer will be exactly what you want to hear! 

I don’t charge licence fees, or impose restrictions.  I am an enabler and as such I am here to help, so by all means check for your specific question in the list below, or email me at, and be ready to get straight on with your nativity play unhindered!

Enabling you to Plan a Covid Safe, Social Distanced Nativity Play

Absolutely Yes! Whatever it takes to keep your nativity Covid safe and to share a little bit of Christmas joy absolutely has my blessing.  Obviously, be careful to abide by GDPR and Safeguarding Children rules, but otherwise there are no restrictions from me.

I would be very grateful of a link back to my website and the name of the script in your description on YouTube, as keeping my prices this low and foregoing licence fees means I have no marketing budget!

Absolutely you may! Obviously, be aware of inclusion in these difficult times as Covid and lockdown is causing financial problems to parents, but donations for a keepsake copy of the performance, for example, would be a lovely inexpensive way to fundraise, especially if you are filming the performance anyway.  (Of course, be careful of safeguarding children and GDPR rules, but otherwise, I don’t put any restrictions on how you use my scripts.)

Absolutely yes! My scripts have always been licence free; they are meant to be performed so I don”t charge a fee!  The script is yours to use as often as you like once you have purchased it, so enjoy it with my blessing and get value for money.  I was brought up in Yorkshire in the UK, and appreciating value for money is in my genes!!!

I write my scripts very carefully to enable you to do so!  Personalise them, make them your own, mix and match; they should be special and personal, so absolutely definitely yes!

Nope!  Have fun, use them as you need to, personalise them, adapt them to the changing circumstances, and keep life simple.  The script is yours and I have made it available to you specifically to enable you to do what you so kindly are putting your time aside to do.  Times are challenging, and the world needs you to provide some Christmas magic this year.

Oh, and just so you know, that’s always been my policy, not just during the pandemic, so please come back for more of your scripts in future!