Need a simple, Covid-safe solution? 

Perfect for Social Distancing and Inclusion of all ages and abilities…

The Alphabet Nativity Play is JUST £9.95 

Use narration and maybe even the children’s own illustrations to ensure inclusion if you need to film your nativity this year, and are restricted due to GDPR

Covid safe Alphabet Nativity Play

Tell the nativity story through rhyming narration, mime, illustrations and actions to keywords

There are no restrictions on the size or ability of the cast, so you are free to adapt and personalise it to suit your requirements.

Everything is instantly downloadable, including direction, suggestions, and illustrated letters to print, or you could personalise by using your own illustrations

See for yourself on the script preview snippet below how simple and flexible the script is…

Social Distancing Nativity Solution

As always, the script is  LICENCE FREE with NO RESTRICTIONS:  film, livestream, adapt, personalise, upgrade, reuse, all without special permission or added expense!

As a guide, expect the script to be around 25 minutes, but reduce or increase it with the optional extras included or by upgrading for £2 extra to include songs.

To see more of the script  Click here for a fuller preview of the script or click here to see the full detailed write up

This is a lovely personal ending for your play

This preview of the free bonus “Alphabet Nativity Roll Call”  shows how everyone can take a bow, even as part of the rhyming script. 

A preview of the Alphabet Nativity Roll Call

All in rhyme, this is narrated in register style, with no need for anyone to speak unless you choose to for them do so.  Just adapt the wording as you choose.

If you are READY TO BUY your Covid-Safe Alphabet Nativity Play click on the buy now button below…

£9.95 for the PDF version
(including printable illustrated alphabet letters)

Best Childrens Nativity Buy Now Button

You will then get the option to UPGRADE to the fully customizable Word Document package with songs included for just an extra £2.

PS. This is another optional FREE bonus  that you might choose to use at the end of your play

This is a snippet of the free bonus boem “The Christmas Story Alphabet”, which sums up the message of the play, carefully including all 26 of the keywords for a bit of fun audience participation at the end of the play.  See who can keep up!

A preview of The Christmas Story poem by Angela Yardy