Covid Safe Three Trees Easter Play

Need a Simple, Covid-safe Solution for a Live or Virtual Easter Play?

My Three Trees Easter Play is ideal 

for a Church Easter Service, 

or School Easter Assembly.

Bible readings are included and all the preparation work is done for you.

The Package…

is instantly downloadable and includes :

  • The script in editable word and pdf format, with direction and suggestions of optional elements.
  • Backing tracks for 5 optional purpose written songs (with and without vocals support)
  • Sheet music
  • Printable script prompts for the actors
  • PowerPoint Autocues for the actors
  • PLUS a package of 60 specially selected images to use onscreen for a virtual play
  • AND guidance and links to helpful tutorials for the
  • FREE beginner friendly VIDEO EDITOR available

As always, the script is  LICENCE FREE with NO RESTRICTIONS:  film, livestream, adapt, personalise, upgrade, reuse… all without special permission or added expense!

The Story…

Narrated and acted entirely in rhyme and rhythm, the Three Trees Easter Play blends the biblical story of Easter with the traditional tale of three trees on a hillside, all dreaming of their hopes for the future and what they aspire to be.

Covid Safe Three Trees Easter Play

Tree 1, longing to be a chest full of priceless treasure, becomes the manger carrying the most precious treasure of all.

Tree 2 dreams of being a ship carrying a powerful king, but becomes a humble fishing boat from where Jesus commands the wind and waves to obey Him

Tree 3, wishing to remain forever pointing heavenwards to God, becomes the cross, a permanent reminder of God’s love and sacrifice for us all.

The Timing…

As a guide, expect the script to be around 25 minutes with the option to reduce or increase it with the songs, your choice of hymns, the poem to sum up the message of the play, and my trademark Roll Call poem to give everyone the opportunity to bow or wave at the end.

If you are READY TO BUY your Covid-Safe Three Trees Easter Play click on the BUY NOW button below…

£14.95 for the full Virtual Package

Making a Simple Filmed Play…

In view of current difficulties, I created this script to make filming your play a simple option.

Readers record themselves individually on smart phones, and their resulting film is edited in alongside or in front of the appropriate image specified on the script.


The whole process is straight forward, and guidance and links to Youtube tutorials are included for the FREE BEGINNER FRIENDLY Video Editor that I used.

This is a lovely personal ending for your play

This preview snippet shows 2 options of the free bonus “Three Trees Easter Play Roll Call”  which allows everyone to take a bow live or virtually, even as part of the rhyming script.  The simplicity of the colour-coding used throughout the script, prompts and autocues can be seen on Option A

All in rhyme, this is narrated in register style, with no need for anyone to speak unless you choose to for them do so. Just adapt the wording as you choose.

PS. This is another optional FREE bonus that you might choose to use at the end of your play

This is the ending of the free bonus poem “God’s Upside-Down Ways”, which sums up the message of the play

God’s Upside-Down Ways