Best Children’s Nativity Script Previews

The following previews provide large samples of each individual script to give you a good idea of its suitability for your purposes. Please click on the name of the script that you would like to preview……

Nativity Group Photo | Best Childrens Nativity

Nativity Group Scene

The Children’s Nativity Story script preview
The Grandpa’s Nativity Story script preview
The Day That Baby Jesus Came to Town script preview
The D-I-Y Nativity Play script preview
The Simplest Nativity Play Ever script preview
The Alphabet Nativity Play script preview
The Donkey’s Christmas Play script preview
The Story of Christmas script preview
That Wonderful God-given First Christmas Day script preview

I include in each preview a large section of the script so that you get the feel for the rhyme and rhythm and the interaction of each character, together with the level of humour in each script.  More importantly, I include a full cast list which states how many lines each person has and how many characters are required/optional.  Whilst my goal is to make all of my scripts adaptable, you may find that one is preferable to another, maybe because of the costumes you have, or the people that you envisage taking on each role.

More details of suitability and adaptability of each individual script can be found on the page “Nativity Play Scripts” but if you have already made your choice and are READY TO BUY YOUR INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENT FOR £9.95  please click on the name below and you will be taken to the purchase page for your preferred script, where you will also be given the option to upgrade and receive the fully customisable word document for an extra £2……

The following scripts do not include music, but do include the fully customisable word document as standard, so there no option, or need, to upgrade.

Script Previews