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The Good News Nativity

Below is a preview of the document that you will receive when you purchase The Good News Nativity script

(The yellow boxes are, of course, only on the preview.)

As you will see, there is a column throughout the script for your personalised notes.  I have deliberately given a large sample of the script to ensure that you have an accurate impression of how the script will work for you, but if you would like more details, just click here to go to the Good News Nativity page.

The colour coding of the script is duplicated with the Powerpoint autocues.

The images are all names on the script according to how their name within the images folder of the package that you will receive.

As this is simply a copy of the original document, you will not be able to click on the links, but if you need further information please email me and I shall be happy to assist.

Have fun with the nativity script, and thank you in advance for all of your planning and hard work: IT WILL BE WORTH IT!  If you have any logistical problems and need some help, by all means email and I shall be happy to try and suggest some ideas.


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