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These testimonials have all been received from satisfied customers in reference to,(If you would like to see specific feedback relating to a particular script, I have provided these on their own page, links to which are at the bottom of this page.)

{NB. I PERSONALLY RESPOND to every email that I receive URGENTLY (UK time)}

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  • We were delighted with the service we received. The service was very personal and the outcome was very happy parents, children and a thoroughly entertained congregation. Thank you
    Ruth, Aberdeenshire Church
  • Very quick and personal service.
    Emma Hanna Shine Drama Group, Ballyeaston
  • Really fast access to order and Angela is so helpful at all times. Thank you.
    Sue, The Brookfield School, Hereford
  • I am EXTREMELY happy with the service provided by your company.
    Ms Teresa Moore, Nhill college, Australia
  • Very quick and super friendly. Have recommended to fellow teachers.
    Kirsty, Summerhill Junior School, Bristol
  • Superb service. Will definitely look to use you again.

  • I don’t really know how you could improve, everything was perfect.
    Maureen Talac
  • I would just like to say a huge thank you from myself , my class and parents/carers for another knock out Nativity. Hugely enjoyed by all.
    Sue, The Brookfield School, Hereford
  • We have already started thinking properly about the Nativity. It was such a success this past year, largely due to the ease of use of your script and the beautiful way you have with words. As a result we are all keen to get planning. Many thanks again.
    Ruth, Aberdeenshire Church

  • I was very happy with my experience of buying on line, I must admit I was a little nervous about the whole thing as I had never done anything like this before but it went so well I would have no hesitation doing it again.
    Mrs J O’Reilly Scoil Maelruain, Tallaght, Northern Ireland
  • From the selection to the purchase and download it took very little time at all.
    Jill Isaacs, St Peter’s Church, Smithills
  • It was really efficient, thanks.
    Sue Hawthorne, Grace International School, Bangladesh
  • Easy service just click and download – couldn’t be easier.
    Ian, Manchester, England
  • No problems or difficulties.
    Mrs Lynn Davidge, Christ The Vine Community Church, Milton Keynes
  • Very easy, very quick. Happily would buy from again.
    Sarah Howlett, Beavers Colony
  • Excellent, no problems.
    Rev Victoria Linford, Scotland
  • Received it immediately with no hitches.
    Nuala Levack, Our Lady of Fatima School Birmingham
  • Very prompt and hassle free.
    Mary Braithwaite Lancashire Church Sunday Club (England)
  • No problems at all.
    Chris Bell
  • The service was quick and simple and we received everything we expected.
    Jenny Wigmore
  • Perfect.
    Karen Chapman
  • Good service and was quickly received on line.
    Mrs C M Atkins St John’s Church Pre School Nursery

  • Received the script and had a problem downloading, however when we e mailed you it was fixed within minutes. The service was first class and was very helpful, we were more than happy and when I e mailed you to say how much our congregation had enjoyed it you immediately e mailed me back wishing me merry Christmas so it was a very personal service. Thank You.
    Maureen Talac
  • Thank you so much for sorting all this out for me – I feel like you’re my guardian angel today!! I have downloaded the document and also have a receipt for the refund via email. Thank you once again.
    Jill Bramwell
    (customer misfiled her document and repurchased unnecessarily, but was delighted when we noticed and advised her that a second payment was not required.)
  • Thank you so much for your assistance. I have now been able to download the script and the midi files – very useful for fitting words to music! I am very grateful to you for your personal attention in sorting out the difficulties I was having.
    Stephanie Mann
  • Great service. Your telephone call regarding problems we had in purchasing on the web site sealed the deal.
    St Thomas School, Province. USA

  • Easy to adapt to your own church settings and cast. But most of the script and directions are perfect as they are.
    Ian, Manchester, England
  • We had 8 kids that wanted to speak reasonable amount and three that wanted a few words. It flexed to our needs. I added a star sequence from another nativity to suit local needs.
    Dr Paula Chattington, UK Appleton Christian Fellowship
  • The children enjoyed it, parents loved it and as the teacher I was grateful for the ease of putting a performance together so painlessly. Thank you Angela!
    Sally Kesälahti .Pre-school in Tampere, Finland
  • I could adapt the script extremely easily for the number and ability of our children.
    Jodi Ince, Blidworth Oaks Early Years Unit Nottinghamshire
  • The script was great to use and adapt to make it our own. It was a good length and it was easy to include all 50 children in some way.
    Mr Godfrey Swaffham Prior C of E Primary School
  • Nice to find something that gave us a good starting point that we could adapt to suit our children. One of our most successful nativities – thank you.
    Mrs C M Atkins St John’s Church Pre School Nursery
  • Loved the script. The children quickly decided which parts they wanted to play. Very easy to interpret – even for me!
    Sue, The Brookfield School, Hereford
  • The script was excellent and easy to use. The rhyming script was funny and inspired! The language used, together with the rhyme, made it so much easier for the children to learn and lovely to listen to. It certainly put a smile on faces – both players and congregation.
    Mrs Lynn Davidge, Christ the Vine Community Church, Milton Keynes.
  • I felt the script was so adaptable and we were able to really make it our own. Everyone got to play the part they wanted to. We even added in a donkey because a boy had made a costume for this in an art activity and we wanted to use it.
    Mrs. J. O’Reilly, Scoil Maelruain, Tallaght in Dublin Ireland
  • I didn’t need to adapt any part.
    Ms Teresa Moore Nhill College, Australia
  • Very, very satisfied with script. One of the best productions that the children have been in. Was able to adapt to the size of our cast very easily.
    Mrs Amy Harris Roxboro, NC – USA Olive Branch Baptist Church
  • We used songs that were familiar to our students. They blended nicely into your script.
    St Thomas School, Providence, RI, USA
  • I adapted it quite a bit for adults and children, to make sure everyone had a part – in fact on the day we had to change it a bit as the bad weather meant that some of the cast couldn’t get to church… very easy to adapt – even I managed it without any poetry skills!
    Rev Victoria Linford, Scotland
  • Just wanted to thank you for writing the “Children’s Nativity Story” script. Everyone loved it and the kids did a great job, plus, this time of year is so busy for me and yet I was able to direct this program easily.
    Pastor Melissa Naylor

  • Easy to use due to rhyming lines for children in our group aged 6 to 10. Great for leaders as we only had to photocopy and cast.
    Emma Hanna, Shine Drama Group, Ballyeaston
  • It was very user friendly. Both for children and leaders.
    Jill Isaacs, St Peters Church, Smithills
  • The original script was super for leaders so we could get a feel for the flexibility of the play.
    Ruth, Aberdeenshire
  • I thought the lay out was excellent but being able to transfer it into a word document that could be adjusted if you wanted to meant anyone who was not happy with the layout or any particular parts or lines they could just delete them or add in parts.
    Mrs. J. O’Reilly, Scoil Maelruain, Tallaght in Dublin Ireland.
  • Script was set out well with clearly defined parts for each player/s which made it easy to follow.
    Mrs Lynn Davidge, Christ the Vine Community Church, Milton Keynes.
  • Definitely worthwhile as you can add the children’s names without too much faff!
    Nuala Levack Our Lady of Fatima School Birmingham
  • Definitely! Having the downloadable copy was invaluable as we could adapt it to meet our own needs and personalise it.
    Kirsty, Summerhill Junior School, Bristol
  • Yes. Took away a lot of hard work and planning.
    Mary Braithwaite Lancashire Church Sunday Club (England)
  • Very good value. The downloadable files made access to the script instant and being able to edit the parts we needed to was a great help especially when we gave the children their lines to learn.
    Mr Godfrey Swaffham Prior C of E Primary School

  • Good value. Everything you need to put on a production.
    Ian, Manchester, England
  • Total value for money. These scripts really do work and it takes a lot of stress off the teacher and children – no matter what their difficulties may be.
    Sue, The Brookfield School, Hereford
  • Very definitely value for money.
    Mrs Lynn Davidge, Christ the Vine Community Church, Milton Keynes.
  • The whole package is easy to use and caters for all ability levels. The rhyming helps all children to remember their lines. The only thing I had to worry about was costumes!
    Ms Teresa Moore Nhill College, Australia
  • Another music file with someone singing the songs would have been helpful, there was one tune I struggled a little bit with as I was not familiar with it and think if I was listening to someone singing it I would have picked it up quicker.
    (Angela says…thank you for this feedback. As a result, I am currently looking for a school to make recordings as samples for the website.  Could you help?)
  • I thought it was great value and online is the best way to get the script, no need for trawling through specialist book shops etc.
    Mrs. J. O’Reilly, Scoil Maelruain, Tallaght in Dublin Ireland
  • Definitely more value than others I have seen.
    Karen Chapman
  • Great value.
    Chris Bell
  • Very much so, and convenient!
    Sarah Howlett, Beavers Colony

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The final script is BRAND NEW, so I can only provide my opinion of its suitability to different scenarios based on my decade of running nativity plays in a church with different ages, abilities and sizes of cast……

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