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“This script REALLY IS the most flexible script you could ever use.  We used it in a brand new building, without a full rehearsal, not knowing how many actors we had until the morning of the nativity!” 

The Simplest Nativity Play Ever | Best Children's Nativity

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As with all my scripts, the Story of Christmas is INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE in an easy to use format, and is

  • purpose written to be
  • adaptable with
  • short, easily remembered speaking parts.

As I began writing these scripts to use in my role as a children’s leader, I deliberately make my scripts

  • easy to recast in the event of illness or absence, and
  • simple to use, regardless of the number of children.

The fact that this script is brand new means that I do not have any testimonials (yet), but I suggest that you click here for a script preview so that you can see for yourself how simple, effective and adaptable it is.

Alternatively, read on for a summary of how the script works, or scroll down for specific questions and answers to suit your needs.

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The Story of Christmas…

The Story of Christmas LogoTells the traditional, bible based nativity story, in a very simple way, with the narrator introducing each character with an obvious prompt of “This is the (angel) who…..” etc

The cast size is completely adaptable, requiring just Mary, Joseph and an Innkeeper, but with another 20 optional short speaking parts to make everyone feel special, plus a host of angels.

Actors can be included or omitted without reducing the script (the narrator continues with the lines as part of their storytelling), so illness and absence (and even stage fright) are easily accommodated.

Printable prompt cards (and name tags if required) have been pre-prepared for you and are provided with the script.  Every detail has been considered to minimise your workload.

Audience members can even be included to say lines from their seats in the audience.

You might even choose to use the script to simply tell the story and use pictures as each of the characters are introduced.

Click here to see a preview of the script to decide for yourself.

‌  Click the headings below for more specific details:

This is simply offered as a guide as the script is so adaptable (and I am available by email to offer suggestions to help) that no circumstances are unsurmountable

  • The basic traditional nativity costumes.  (See costumes below for further specifics)
  • Ideally Mary, Joseph and an innkeeper as actors (although the script can be adapted to any scenario)
  • Narrator(s)
  • A director (gives rhyming instructions to the cast from on-stage.  Must be confident and a good ‘scan’ reader as they refer to the script throughout as if using it for directing instructions.  The director of the nativity itself can play this part if using the script for an unrehearsed/ audience participation performance)
  • Ideally, a director’s chair (use a folding camping directors chair and simply stick a label to it stating “Director”
  • 1 or 2 staging areas for acting, plus a separate area to build up the stable scene gradually as the play progresses.
  • An optional extra cast of up to 20 who may choose to simply walk on, or to say their own lines, plus dancing angels.

The Simplest Nativity Play Ever | Best Childrens NativityThis script can include as many actors as you choose without altering the script length, as the narrator says lines that actors omit.  It is suitable for any age cast and ability, although the narrators must be confident readers, and the director needs to be a strong, confident person with the ability to act whilst scan reading the script and apparently (or actually) directing on stage.  It therefore lends itself perfectly to a mixed age cast, and even adults.

If used as written it will include:

 Up to 21 speaking parts, these being Mary, Joseph, Donkey, 3 Innkeepers, Angel Gabriel, Angel (speaking to shepherds), 6 Shepherds, 3 Kings, Star, Emperor Caesar, Roman Soldier, Sound effects person. (The 14 speaking parts in italics can be fulfilled by audience members in their seats if you do not have enough cast members, or for a novel effect.)

  • Narrator (s) with 76 lines to read, plus 12 optional lines
  • an on-stage director. With 72 lines to ‘scan’ read as if they are checking the script whilst giving directions to the cast.
  • a bible reader,
  • a host of angels, (to dance and/or sing)
  • and/or a voiceover

  • No songs are included but popular hymns/ carols are suggested for everyone to sing together rather than the children performing as part of the play.
  • Alternatively, use the children’s past favourite songs to keep things simple.
  • If you need some simple songs, why not look at my other scripts too and mix and match.  I do not ask for a license fee for my songs so you are free to use them as often as you like with any script in future and I include simple mp3 tracking backs if you need them.

Bearing in mind that every performance of a script will be different dependant upon the speed of the reading and acting, I have tried to offer a rough suggestion of the timing to expect for each element of the nativity play:

  • Allow 20 minutes for the words of the script.
  • Allow time for your choice of songs (usually 10 to 15 minutes in total)
  • If you include the “Story of Christmas Roll Call Poem” allow 2 minutes.
  • If you choose to use the poem “The Story of Jesus’s Birth” to round off the play allow 1 minute

With a good, confident director and narrators, there is no need for a full rehearsal, but if you have the opportunity to rehearse, the play will of course have a more professional overall effect.  The director literally tells everyone, as part of the script, where to stand, and what to do, so being familiar with the script ahead of time will give the director the control to lead the play as it happens, without the need for a rehearsal AS LONG AS EVERYONE WHO IS PARTICIPATING LISTENS CAREFULLY THROUGHOUT!

Traditional costumes are all that is required for each actor:

Mary, Joseph, Emperor Caesar, Roman Soldier, Donkey (can simply carry a hobby horse if preferred), 3 innkeepers, Angels, up to 6 shepherds, 3 kings, star (or simply carry a star on a stick).

However, if you choose to use audience members in their seats as part of the cast you do not necessarily have to give them costumes; it all depends on the overall effect that you are wanting to achieve.

Other parts:

Bible reader narrators and director could be dressed in everyday clothes, unless you choose to give them a specific outfit.

The optional sound effects person plays quite a comical role, so you might choose to play on this and use a suitably comic outfit giving a ‘jester’ appearance.

Just £9.95, for an instantly downloadable customizable word document of the script, with an additional pdf copy, plus all of the printable script prompts for the script as it is written.  Finally, a name tag for every character included in the script is provided ready to print off on card to make the organisation/direction/costume allocation easier.

This is simply a retelling of the traditional bible based nativity story, keeping firmly to the details and words as related in the bible, with the exception of following the tradition of the kings visiting the stable instead of a house as per Matthew’s gospel.  However, if you prefer the biblical details to be absolutely accurate, my “Simplest Nativity Play Ever” will be the perfect alternative as it even refers to the house, and is every bit as adaptable as “The Story of Christmas”


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I pride myself in making my scripts the best value for money around, so my STORY OF CHRISTMAS script can be downloaded instantly to your computer for the special low price of  just £9.95.

For this one time investment you will receive:

An easy to follow script, with……

  • A diagram of an example layout of the way that the script was used in Angela’s home church.
  • Options and suggestions on ways to adapt and personalise the script.
  • Helpful directing suggestions (even considering details like passing a microphone around)
  • Pre-prepared script prompt cards ready to print off and distribute to the cast.
  • Permission to re-use the script with NO LICENCE TO PAY.

And wait, there’s more……


…which is yours to customize and personalise as you choose once you have bought it, so that you can…….

  • Reduce or lengthen the script
  • Add/ omit songs and/or other elements
  • Add names and directions
  • Print off your finished version, exactly representing your personal nativity plans, and distribute copies as you choose, all without any untidy scribbles or mess on the pages, leaving it as clear and easy as possible to read and use!

Having the downloadable copy was invaluable as we could adapt it to meet our own needs and personalise it

Kirsty:  Summerhill Junior School, Bristol

The pdf version is also included for your convenience.


  • A “Story of Christmas Roll Call” performance poem: a fabulous and unique finale for your nativity play.  Again, all in rhyme, this gives everyone involved the opportunity to stand (and maybe take a bow), again without rehearsal required, as they are mentioned individually.  This idea has been so well received that it has become my trademark and I now purpose write a Roll Call poem for every script.
  • The Story of Jesus’s Birth”: A purpose written rhyming poem which can, if you choose, be read out to round up the message, at the end of your nativity play.

So, what are you waiting for?  It doesn’t get much better than this:

Grab your LICENCE FREE COPY of the Story of Christmas script at the …….

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Used this script before and want a similar concept again? …….

with all of the script prompt cards pre-prepared for you, and simple and flexible enough to do without rehearsal if necessary, but with lines for anyone who wants to say them? Want lots of options on how to use it to make it perfect for your unique circumstances?

Click here for more details of the Simplest Nativity Play Ever

Prefer a purpose written nativity service with bible readings, a nativity play, a couple of songs for the children to perform, combined with  carol singing for the whole congregation? ……

  • Do you want to incorporate your nativity play into a nativity service, and all join in with some uplifting carol singing?  
  • Do you want a simple but effective play, with the unique effect of rhyme in the storyteller’s part, as well as the actors’ lines.  
  • Maybe rehearsals are difficult to achieve, or you prefer a ‘less performed’ approach, or would simply like less focus on the perfection of the performance and more on the biblical teaching?  
  • How great would it be to have all of the appropriate bible readings included, not to mention all of the script prompt cards pre-prepared and ready to simply print off and distribute?
  • Does a pre-prepared nativity service including the gentle innocence of a children’s nativity play, the joy of a good sing, and the teaching of the bible passages appeal to you?


Still not sure? Want all of the music included? How about these Nativity Plays?…..

The following scripts include sheet music and mp3 backing tracks for  simple children’s nativity songs too……

Maybe you’d prefer the traditional bible based nativity story told with lots of gentle humour and adding a contemporary twist, again all in rhyme, including the narration which holds it all together, and interspersed with 6 simple songs (sheet music and mp3 backing tracks included)

If so, click here to go to my CHILDREN’S NATIVITY STORY

Would you prefer the combination of a modern day Christmas Eve setting anticipating Santa (or St Nicholas), alongside a reminder of the traditional bible based nativity introduced by Grandpa as a bedtime story (and acted out in rhyme), with a hint of pantomime villain in Herod?  This script also includes sheet music and mp3 backing tracks for 5 songs. Like the sound of it?

If so, click here to go to my GRANDPA’S NATIVITY STORY

Or how about the gossiping innkeeper’s wife telling the traditional nativity story using her diary, with her somewhat downtrodden husband, and the narrator correcting her version of events from time to time!

Mary also adds an extra touch of humour with her uniquely amusing dialogue with Joseph. (Older children and even teenagers particularly enjoy this nativity script, whilst younger children love the songs)  Again, this script includes sheet music and mp3 backing tracks to 6 simple songs.  Interested?


Tells the traditional bible based story from the perspective of the donkey, feeling unnoticed and unremarkable until he realises by the end of the story that he had been chosen to carry God’s unborn son to the place of his birth, and that God had not only noticed him but had actually been with him all along and actually LOVES his humble life.

Acted by a young child, the donkey can add a cute factor, or more of a comedic effect acted with attitude by an older child.  The story is told with lots of gentle humour and short speaking parts, all held together with a rhyming narration and interspersed with 6 simple songs, for which sheet music and mp3 backing tracks are provided.  Sound suitable for you?

If so, click here for more details of The Donkey’s Christmas Play

Fancy something unique and very visual but without necessarily including any acting?  Do you have special needs to accommodate?  Like the idea of doing actions for specific keywords as they are mentioned throughout the story?  Maybe you’d like some interaction with the audience and get them involved doing actions too?  This concept is so simple that you can accommodate any preference according to the ideas given throughout the rhyming script which is written as an alphabet poem telling the nativity story, and includes printable illustrated reminders of the actions for each of the 26 keywords mentioned, plus mp3 backing tracks and sheet music provided for 8 simple (optional) songs too.

Intrigued?  Then click here to find out more about The Alphabet Nativity Play.

The last script is very specific and written for a church service, so it does not include songs but instead assumes that you will use your own carols or hymns for the congregation to join in with….

Do you have a fun, family atmosphere in your church?  Older children?  Not many children?  Little opportunity to rehearse? The hilarious and unique Do-It-Yourself Nativity Play invites people from the congregation to join in as the script progresses, all narrated and directed IN RHYME AND RHYTHM, and unashamedly mocking (via the script) the adult volunteers!  Sound like fun?

If so, click here to go to THE DIY NATIVITY PLAY.

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I love the work that you are doing!  Let’s face it, you are doing endless extra hours and voluntary work, so this is my way of supporting you and saying that it is all worthwhile and appreciated.  Well done, and keep up the good work!  Enjoy the script, have fun with your nativity play, and have a wonderful Christmas!

God bless

Angela Yardy

The Story of Christmas