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Mary and Joseph | Best Childrens Nativity
My scripts are SO ADAPTABLE to your circumstances that a CHURCH WITH 10 CHILDREN, and a SCHOOL WITH 90 BOTH USED THE SAME SCRIPT SUCCESSFULLY, and offered the following testimonials…..

Performed by 10 children, mixed ages, plus 2 adults…….

“The script was excellent and easy to use. The rhyming script was funny and inspired! The language used, together with the rhyme, made it so much easier for the children to learn and lovely to listen to. It certainly put a smile on faces – both players and congregation.”
Mrs Lynn Davidge,
Christ the Vine Community Church, Milton Keynes.

Performed by 90 children, aged 4 to 7 years…….. 

“Absolutely excellent! It was very easy for our children to grasp because of the rhyme and being in word format allowed us to adapt the script to suit our needs.  I could adapt the script extremely easily for the number and ability of our children.”
Jodi Ince

All of my nativity plays are available as instantly downloadable documents to be used as often as you like WITH NO LICENCE FEES and include……..

  • A pdf document of an entirely rhyming script
    Innkeeper scene plus Grandpa school | Best Childrens Nativity

    Innkeeper scene

  • A casting list for you to personalise
  • Helpful directing suggestions
  • Alternative lines where required for adaptations
  • A free purpose written, rhyming “Nativity Roll Call” poem (for the children to each take a bow at the end of the play),
  • And a free Christmas poem.

ALL FOR £9.95!

Better still, some scripts also include

  • sheet music and
  • mp3 music files as backing tracks for simple and familiar children’s tunes (I add my own simple lyrics)
  • script prompt cards and printable props to avoid the need to memorise the scripts
  • the actual word document to amend and personalise as you wish (scripts with music can be upgraded to include this for an extra £2)
Animals and crib| Best Childrens Nativity

Best Children’s Nativity


It is just a matter of personal preference, but to make the choice easier click on the links for specific details of individual Nativity Play Scripts, Script Previews and Customer Testimonials, plus my own opinion and suggestions for your circumstances. See,


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Best Children’s Nativity – Testimonials

“The script was perfect for our multi-age cast! Easy to understand and learn, very amusing and entertaining. Streets ahead of other scripts that I viewed. We had an absolute ball reading and acting it out. Simple but effective”

Amy Edwards
of St Helen’s Church, Trowell, England

“Very easy to use… We had 90 children and all had a part. Perfect Length and manageable for Key stage 1”

Kirsty from Summerhill Junior school, Bristol

“The script was great to use and adapt to make it our own, a good length and easy to include all 50 children…great feedback from parents who thoroughly enjoyed the performance”

Mr Godfrey of Swaffham Prior C of E Primary School

“The most creative and well written rhyming Christmas Play I have ever seen and experienced! …… user friendly format and easy to adapt features that any church size can use”!

Melene Wilsey, Saginaw Bay District, Emerging Ministries & Education Consultant, Michigan, USA