The Good News Nativity Testimonials

Good News Image 2 | Best Childrens NativityBrand new for 2020!

Purpose written as a Covid safe nativity for use by schools, churches and even families who are unable to celebrate together.

I shall try to include the testimonials as I receive them, but here are just a couple that I have received so far.

(Thank you to all of my customer’s who have given permission for me to use their words!)

Please do email me at if you have a testimonial that you are happy to share as it is helpful to others to know how the script has been used.

Sheffield Children's Hospital“I’m a teacher at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and every year we perform a little nativity with the children for the children. This year we’re thinking that your Covid safe nativity is a fantastic way forward. What an excellent idea!!!!

Our tiny little team of hospital teaching staff are really excited about giving it a go. If we don’t quite get it perfect, or even end up having no background, we’ll still have fun doing it.”

Caroline, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, England

“Oh my goodness this is so so very wonderful!!   I am so excited with how I think it will turn out! It is a wonderful- and AFFORDABLE!- product!

I really think this is something that the whole school and parish will really enjoy, especially in the year 2020!!

We could all use a little fun and uplift this year and I think this program will do just that!! I can’t wait to get started. It has truly been a pleasure and joy finding this!”

Charlemagne McNeil, St. Mary Catholic School, Maryland, U.S.A

“Angela’s script is fun, relevant and easy to adapt to suit the size of the cast and I was able to cut and paste text to create an adapted script which saved hours of typing.

I love the photo backgrounds and suggestions for directions to actors. 

Anyone wondering how to do a nativity play should download Angela’s package – no need to be defeated by Covid!”

Cal Alphonse, Children’s Coordinator, St Mary’s Church, Battersea. England