The Simplest Nativity Play Ever Testimonials

I have recently bought the Simplest Nativity Script and we are using it for church. It IS FABULOUS!!  Caroline McGall

This script is my fastest selling script to date.  Since I have run our own church nativity now for over a decade, I have struggled with constantly changing circumstances so I wrote this to ensure that EVERYONE, regardless of circumstances, is able to put on a nativity play. It essentially tells the entire nativity story in rhyme, with the actors’ words built in to the story meaning that the narrator can say them as part of the story if, for any reason, the actor chooses not to say their own lines (even in the case of stage fright or last minute absence!)

Whilst I have not yet had time to request feedback from customers, it continues to pour in regardless from grateful customers.  Click below to see a small selection….

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Our little church decided to have a Christmas program the last minute and I’ve only got two practices with the children. The Simplest Nativity Play Ever is going to save my life!  Angela Bratcher

I was absolutely delighted with the script and suggestions re.roles and carols etc.What an excellent package you’ve produced. Anonymous

This has been such an excellent find thank you for sharing these plays with us. I am really looking forward to our Carol Service now. Amanda Hibbert

I have recently bought the Simplest Nativity Script and we are using it for church. It IS FABULOUS!! I am omitting bits at the minute to make it slightly shorter Caroline McGall

Thank you very much Angela. A quick scan of it looks perfect for our family nativity play Liz Williams

Our nativity planning meeting went with much hilarity and pleasure as we used your script and adapted it to our need for a children’s nativity service where we are never quite sure… Thank you Dot Bevington

Have a great Christmas and keep up the good work, you save us mere mortals a lot of stress.  Carmen Tweed

Thanks! I was going to write a script for the church nativity where we have about half an hour to rehearse so this has been Brilliant!  Elaine Harper

There are so many options of how to use this script: It really is a unique, yet simple, nativity play.

Click here to see a preview and decide for yourself.

Click below to find out whether, based on my judgement, the script will be suitable for your circumstances:

It’s perfect for it.  I haven’t included any songs with this script as, in keeping with it being The Simplest Nativity Play Ever, I envisage it being interjected with carols at the appropriate points which the audience/ congregation can join in and sing.  However, you may choose to use some of your children’s favourites, or songs from one of my other scripts, as my songs are always written to be very simple, using familiar tunes and I provide backing tracks and sheet music with them too.

Absolutely; just use your own songs with the script.  It is deliberately adaptable so that you can omit parts without taking away from the overall script or add your own elements quite easily.  The script is written with an optional 19 small speaking parts, plus narrators, instructor, dancing angels and singers, but the lines can be either split differently to increase the cast, or spoken by the narrator to reduce it.   The nativity has 2 options of ending; a biblical one and a general ‘goodwill’ message so that you can choose which is most appropriate for your performance.  The document is provided as a word document which you can alter as you choose, so it’s easy to delete the ending you choose not to use.

Definitely, particularly as a nativity service, using carols as congregational hymns between scenes.  When I write I am conscious of the fact that some churches have few or no children and I hate to think that they are deprived of the chance to do a nativity play, so this script is even suited to that situation.

Even more difficult to accommodate is a Sunday school where the children are not regular attendees, or where there is some uncertainty as to whether they will all be there for the performance, but this script means that everyone can be cast and there is no need to fill the place of anyone who is absent on the day.

If you were feeling particularly brave you could even do an unrehearsed community nativity service and just cast whoever turns up an hour before!

Definitely!  There is a LOT of narrating, which can be shared as you choose, instructions for each actor (which can also be shared), 19 scripted speaking parts plus dancing angels and children opening presents at the end.  There are 4 shepherds cast, but 1 of them has 5 lines which could be shared, and there are also 10 lines which can be done as voiceovers or by extra shepherds.  In other words, stretch it as much as you like!

It’s perfect for a small cast, or even for a cast that may reduce or increase in size up until the performance.

Absolutely, it would be perfect on both counts. 

Using carols for everyone to join in between scenes will give the play a lovely festive ‘carol service’ feel and make it suitable for all adult, and the simplicity of the script makes it perfect for children and adults to work on together.

Definitely.  It’s so adaptable that any group can use it and fit any choice of songs with it.  Enjoy it’s simplicity or cut out parts or add elements of your own to adapt to your specific needs.  It needs nothing but the basic traditonal nativity costumes too.  There are 2 choices of moral to the ending: a biblical one or a general ‘goodwill’ message, so one of them will work for you.

No problem.  The narrator tells the story exactly as before, but just says the actor’s lines for them (ie, the narrator would say… The innkeeper listened while Joseph said “Do you have a room and a lovely warm bed?”)  Every actor’s line fits the script in the same way so that it can be told as a story by the narrator.

No.  It could even be done without one!  The actors instructions are all written into the instructor’s rhyming script so, if you were brave enough you could cast everyone an hour before and just tell them to listen to the narrator and do as they are told!  Printable prompt cards are provided so that everyone could be given their own and say their line if they choose.

On the other hand, if you have a rehearsal you will find that it is incredibly simple to follow and to recognise each individuals prompt, and the lines are short and very simple to remember because of the rhyme.  The narration deliberately includes lots of descriptions of actions so that the actors can mime as they hear them.

I honestly believe so as the script is so easy to use and so adaptable.  ALL of the preparation is done for you, with each cast member’s lines ready to print and distribute: I have done everything I can to save you precious time. There are even printable name tags at the end of the script:  if there is anything that I would do as a director myself, I’ve done it for you!

Whilst there is no music with this particular script I have provided the word version as standard so that it is very simple to make your own additions or omissions and to include your own choice of songs, and select your choice of message at the end from the two provided.

For now, you’ll have to take my word for it, but customers of this new script will all be given the opportunity to offer feedback for future customers if they choose, in return for a free script from my selection.