Best Childrens Nativities, Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that I have answered in the past.
If you still have any unanswered questions or problems, you can email me at and I will be happy to help.

      Permission/Licencing issues….Click below:

  • NO! You are free to re-use them.  Once you’ve bought the downloadable script it genuinely is YOURS to use as often as you like, with no extra fees.  I write all of my own material deliberately so that I can waive my right to licence fees and allow you to use the script time and time again without paying licence fees each time.  Please do not pass on to others though…the script is for your use (or the school/church that purchased it.)

Not really.

  1. Songs: I aim to make my songs flexible enough to fit with any traditional nativity play, so there will usually be a travelling song for Mary and Joseph, a King’s song, a Shepherd’s, an Angel, and maybe a celebration song, for example, making it easy to ‘mix and match’ them with other scripts.
  2. Adapting the script: Making my nativity plays adaptable is my main aim, so feel free to take parts out or add them in, use your own songs, split the lines differently etc…’s entirely up to you. You may even find that you would like to blend a couple of my scripts in some unique way, and that’s fine too. Just make them your own and enjoy them.
  3. Re-use: No problem.  Re-use my scripts without worrying about extra licence fees, with my blessing.  I want them to be enjoyed!  All I ask is that you do not give them away freely; please encourage others to buy for their own use so that I can keep my prices down.

  • YES, absolutely! There is no licence fee regardless of whether you charge for your performance(s).

  • YES, absolutely! There is no licence fee regardless of whether you charge for your performance(s).

  • YES, feel free to sell your video to parents etc and maybe even use it as a fundraiser. Please mention somewhere on the sleeve the name of the script, the copyright details and website address (all found on the bottom of each script page.)

If you can provide permission for me to use your video on my website too, and provide a copy to me that would be fantastic, but there is no obligation! (contact


  • If you have parental permission you may upload your recording to you-tube, but PLEASE PROVIDE THE NAME OF THE SCRIPT AND A LINK TO MY WEBSITE , AND EMAIL ME AT  to let me know.

     Purchasing issues…..Click below:

Yes, absolutely.  Just follow the process in the usual way and PayPal, on my behalf, will convert the funds to British pounds Sterling before passing the funds to me.

You will be given a price in your own currency at the point of sale so will not have to commit to the purchase until you know the cost in your currency.   PayPal convert the payment into your currency using the exchange rate that they have for that day, and advise you of the cost before asking you to confirm payment, so this can, of course, change daily depend on the exchange rate.

  • NO, sorry! They are sold as complete and separate packages, so you need to decide whether you prefer the word package at the point of sale.  However, I am here to help, so if you have ordered the wrong one by mistake or changed your mind just contact me at and I can invoice you for the difference and send you a new link for the upgrade: the word copy will definitely save you a lot of time organising.

  • ABSOLUTELY!  My website has now been improved to provide you with a CART so that you can buy more than one script.  I have found that some schools and churches have used one script for their older children and another for the young ones: if you choose to do this there is help finding the most appropriate script on the CHURCH NATIVITY, SCHOOL NATIVITY, and NATIVITY FOR EVERYONE pages (scroll towards the bottom of the page)
  • When you make your purchase, you will be given the opportunity to download the script (s) at the point of sale, and will also then be sent an email with a link to your download files as a second opportunity, so there is no need to download immediately if it is not convenient.  If, by any chance, the email did not reach you, just email me and I shall send you the link manually, as automated emails are sometimes intercepted by email providers and treated as spam, whereas a personal email from myself will reach you!

Yes.  When your payment has gone through you will be offered the opportunity to download your script, but if you are not ready to do so and want to download to another device (maybe your phone or tablet does not have the software to support pdf, word, mp3, or you tried it and it didn’t work) you don’t need to worry.  An email will be sent to you immediately providing you with your download link so that you can do this later.

n.b. the email will be sent to the address registered to your PayPal account.  If, for any reason you do not receive this within minutes, just email me and I send the link (s) in person.

Just email me with the correct email address and I shall manually amend my records and resend your download link to the address you intended to use.

Yes, that’s no problem.  Just proceed as normal by clicking on Buy It Now and you do not need to have or create an account but can go through the Guest Checkout instead.   When you are asked for payment the Paypal screen will show as follows:

Just ignore the option to login and instead scroll down and click on the grey button stating “Pay with debit or credit card”. You will then be referred to a screen asking for your credit card details as follows:

CARE: If you pay with a credit card or debit card please ensure that you include your email address so that your download link can be sent to you.

If you pay via PayPal, please ensure that your registered email address is up to date so that you will receive your follow up email with your download link confirmation.

No problem.

When your order is processed (it is processed by PayPal although no account is necessary as payment can be made with a debit card or credit card instead) a detailed receipt will automatically be sent to your email address registered with PayPal, or the one that you provided with your card purchase (ie, where the download link is sent).  The process is fully automated, so the email will be sent to you immediately listing all of the individual scripts purchased and their individual and total cost, together with your name and my own (My merchant name is listed as   This should be all that you need for your records but if, for some unforseen reason, you require anything further please don’t hesitate to contact me and I shall be happy to help.

    Technical issues…..Click below:

In my simplistic, non-technical way of looking at things (I am a writer, not a computer genius!):

  • in terms of the downloading system, the files are ‘zipped’ which is simply a way of making them not take as much ‘computer space’.  Modern computers do not require any extra software to access zipped files this, but if yours does DO NOT BUY ANY EXTRA SOFTWARE. If your computer is one of the handful that requires you to buy software, just email me and I will bypass the system and email the files to you instead. I genuinely am here to help save you time and money so don’t be afraid to ask.
  • in terms of the files themselves…..
  •  if you buy the standard package the document comes as a ‘pdf’ so you will need to be sure that you have a programme to open pdf documents (there are plenty of free systems to download {just google ‘free pdf reader’ to find one} if your computer does not already have one.)
  • If you purchase a script with music, the sheet music will be included as part of the pdf document, whilst the backing tracks are included as mp3s.  These will play through any computer (using windows media player, or itunes etc), ipod, iphone, mp3 player)  so you should need no special software addition.
  • if you buy the upgrade package, the same applies as above, but you will also be provided with word documents which you can edit as you choose.  These are compatible with both windows computers (assuming that you have microsoft office) and apple computers. Microsoft have however, stopped automatically including ‘Office’ software with every new computer, so if you do not have it on yours, pc advisor has some good suggestions for how to get access to it for free. For details, just copy the following link into your browser .

Finally, should you discover ANY DIFFICULTY AFTER PURCHASE JUST EMAIL ME.  I am genuinely here to help and will ALWAYS ensure that you get what you pay for, so please don’t be afraid to ask and I shall email files as required, or refund if you are not entirely satisfied.

I AIM FOR 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION so please do not suffer in silence; let me solve your problem!

Don’t worry!

  • Firstly, I have tried very hard to make sure that they will work for everyone, and have tested them on a windows pc and on an apple mac. To my knowledge, I have never had a customer who hasn’t been able to access their files.
  • Secondly, if you have any problems at all I am always happy to help so just email me.  Even if it means me emailing documents to you in person I am happy to do so.
  • I aim for 100% satisfaction so if the unimaginable happened and we could not find a solution I would be happy to refund your purchase.

The download process:

  1. When payment has been taken you will be offered the opportunity to download your files immediately.
  2. Whether you choose to download immediately or not, you will also receive an email containing a download link for your script files which can be accessed at your convenience.  This email will be sent to the address that you have registered with PayPal.
    NB. If you do not receive your email within minutes remember to check your spam/ junk mail: occasionally email providers have been known to block automated emails and treat them as spam.  If you still cannot find it,  please let me know and I shall respond in person.

Bear in mind that I am a writer, not a computer genius, so I don’t expect you to be either!  The system is very deliberately made to be as user friendly as possible, and you will be ‘walked through’ every stage of the process.  If you have any difficulties at all I am just an email away, but my customers tell me that they found it straight forward and can recommend it.

Yes.  I work on a pc and then test the final documents on an Apple Mac, so I can confirm that they are definitely compatible with both.

Absolutely not!  There are a couple of solutions:

  1. Can you find your email with the download link?  If so, the link may still allow you to download again.  Don’t worry if not though; I’m here to help.
  2. Email me at and I will look for your original purchase and resend a link to you.  If you do not know which script you purchased, ideally, give me a few clues to help me find out:  The email address that you used for your purchase is preferable, or a rough idea of the date etc.  Please don’t think it’s too much trouble: I want happy customers that return to my site!

You may have already downloaded your script at the point of purchase, but an email with your receipt and download link was also sent automatically at the same time in case you weren’t in a position to download immediately.  If you haven’t received this within a couple of minutes of your purchase (it is usually instant, but occasionally there can be a delay as it is rerouted from PayPal) remember to check your spam / junk file.

The emails are sent immediately using an automated system but unfortunately some email providers occasionally filter out automated emails assuming them to be spam, even before reaching the junk folder.  It is rare for the email to not arrive at all but, whilst your own email provider is responsible for the blockage and I cannot therefore get an automated through to you, just contact me directly at and I shall personally send the email that you require so as to avoid the issue of being wrongly considered spam!

Of course, I apologise in advance for the fact that you will have to wait for my reply, but I shall endeavour to respond immediately that I read your email, but always within no more than 48 hours.

    About the script and my writing style…..Click below

  • IT’S NOVEL AND FUN, and it’s what I do: which is fortunate because it has a unique appeal and makes the script easier for children to remember!

  • IT’S EASIER to pick up and remember, and more appealing to them: why else would nursery rhymes and favourite children’s books use rhyme and rhythm?! Teachers have even used my scripts with pre-school children who are learning English as a second language as they are so effective for the purpose.

School Nativity Play | Best Childrens Nativity

    Do you do anything besides nativity scripts?

I currently have one Christian EASTER PLAY SCRIPT called “The Three Trees Easter Play” which is based on the traditional folk tale of the Three Trees, and draws a parallel with Jesus’ life, ministry and death.  It is written in the same adaptable, rhyming style as my nativities, and includes bible readings, narrator(s), an introducer, plus 9 simple, small speaking parts.  There are 5 optional, simple children’s songs included which add a lovely cute factor, but  the play would be effective with your choice of Easter hymns if you prefer.  Click on the .link above for more details.

I set up my website to encourage children and beginners to have FUN WITH POETRY.   I have therefore added a wealth of resources on there specifically for TEACHERS, as I use my knowledge of the curriculum to write appropriate poems which are freely available and can be used to teach poetry, and specific figurative language features.  Everything is categorised to make poems suited to your purpose easy to find, either by the topic that you are teaching, or the language feature you are studying, so please have a look and enjoy!

My book “The Good, The Mad and The Ugly: A Collection of Angela’s Poems”  available for sale on my poetry website  According to customers to date, anyone aged 7 to 107 years old loves it!   There is a good mix of many of the favourites from my website, plus lots of poems that you will not have seen before.