The Children’s Nativity Story Testimonials

Shepherds surprise momentI have organised my customer feedback according to your questions, so that you can see for yourself that the script has been used successfully in each situation.

(Thank you to all of my customer’s who have given permission for me to use their words!)

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  • FANTASTIC! Within seconds I was the proud owner of a cracker of a nativity play
    Nuala Levack of Our Lady of Fatima School, Birmingham
  • Told the story in a lovely traditional way. Lots of parts so everyone was pleased and it was easy to add more if required   
    Rev Victoria Linford
  • Excellent. Great fun was had by all, children and adults in rehearsals. 
    Mary Braithwaite, Lancashire

  • One of our most successful nativities. Easy to use and read. Older children could memorise some of it, although most of the speaking was done by the adults. 
    Mrs C M Atkins St John’s Church Pre-school nursery (Performed by 50 children)

  • Very easy to use… We had 90 children and all had a part. Perfect length and manageable for Key stage 1    
    Kirsty from Summerhill Junior school, Bristol

  • User friendly format and easy to adapt features that any church size can use!
    Melene Wilsey Saginaw Bay District Emerging Ministries & Education Consultant Michigan USA
    (Used in Children’s Worship Festival and 11 churches of varying sizes.)

  • We only had 5 children and edited the script to fit.   
    Mr John Wresdell, Lowthorpe Church

  • I used it in two churches, one with just adults (as there are no children in the congregation at the moment) and one a more traditional nativity with children. In both places it was very well received.
    Rev Victoria Linford, Scotland 
    (Performed by all adults at Heriot Church and by children at Stow Church)
  • The script was perfect for our multi-age cast! Easy to understand and learn, very amusing and entertaining. Streets ahead of other scripts that I viewed. We had an absolute ball reading and acting it out. Simple but effective. 
    Amy Edwards of St Helen’s Church, Trowell, England
    Performed by 9 children and 4 adults)

  • Lovely and easy to use and very easy to adapt.  
    Sarah Howlett, Beavers colony

  • ….on the day we had to change it a bit as …some of the cast couldn’t get to church…very easy to adapt…even I managed it without any poetry skills!
    Rev Victoria Linford, Scotland

  • Kids loved it  
    Chris Bell
  • Excellent. Great fun was had by all, children and adults in rehearsals, and the rhyming made it much easier to learn. 
    Mary Braithwaite in Lancashire
  • The children took to the script quickly.  
    Sue Hawthorne at Grace International School in Bangladesh
    (Performed by 38 Year 1 & 2 children.) 
  • The children found the rhyming lines much easier to learn than other scripts. 
    Marie Carter, Music school

  • The Head said she thought it was the best nativity that we’d done for many years. 
    Jenny Wigmore
  • One of our most successful nativities – thank you.  
    Mr Godfrey
  • Really enjoyable. Liked the comedy touches. Rhyming was brilliant!  
    Mrs C M Atkins of St John’s Church Pre School Nursery
    (Performed by 50 pre school nursery children with mostly adult narration.)

  • Yes. Took away a lot of hard work and planning. 
  • Rev V Linford
  • Very much so. And convenient!
  • Sarah Howlett, Beavers colony
  • Definite value for money! Having the downloadable copy was invaluable as we could adapt it to meet our own needs and personalise it.
  • Fantastic value for money!

  • The teachers liked the way the songs used well known tunes.
  • The music was easy to sort out for the pianist, and the new words to songs were fun to learn
  • Both teachers appreciated being able to take the play and run with it, not being gifted in music!
  • We loved the Shepherd’s Calypso!