Want a Simple Nativity Play?

Angela’s assurance to you…..
“This REALLY IS as easy as ABC!
PLUS, all of the preparation work is done for you!” 

Alphabet Nativity PlayA simple nativity play, adaptable to your personal requirements and ideal for special needs, or even pre-school children, as well as for primary school or church nativity plays …. in fact, for ALL GROUPS of ANY AGE!

The script, written as a full length alphabet poem, is Adaptable, Brilliantly Creative, Deliberately Easy and Flexible,with simple songs provided if you choose to use them.

  • ACTIONS are suggested and ACTING IS OPTIONAL.  ie, The whole script is narrated in such a way that it offers the option for the story to be mimed as it is told, so there are NO LINES TO LEARN and MINIMAL REHEARSAL NECESSARY.
  • BE PREPARED.  Printable illustrated letters of the alphabet are provided for you.  As the story progresses through the alphabet, these are pegged up on display, and actions are suggested for the children to do for each of the 26 keywords highlighted.
  • COMEDY ELEMENT INCLUDED with an optional instructor who interacts with and involves the audience.

As I write scripts for my own use as a children’s leader, the Alphabet Nativity Play is, like all my plays……  

  • purpose written
  • adaptable
  • easy to use….but this time with nothing to learn
  • easy to recast in the event of absence or illness,
  • simple to use regardless of the number of children, and
  • INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE in an easy to use format.

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Nativity Scripts Available

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Good News Nativity ...

The script lasts around 25 minutes, and is written entirely in rhyme, going through each letter of the alphabet, adding a real uniqueness to your nativity play.  

Click here for a preview of the script.

The Alphabet Nativity Play….

Tells the traditional, bible based nativity story using alphabetical keywords in the narration,….

The Alphabet Nativity A to Z washing line

which is carefully written to provide opportunities for the story to be mimed and actions to be performed for the key words, each one being represented by an illustrated letter.  The script is so flexible and adaptable that there are no restrictions on the size or ability of the cast, so you are truly free to adapt and personalise it to suit your requirements.

An optional “Instructor” role is written into the play for someone to interact with the audience, holding signs up for responses that the audience need to say.  Also, an optional role of “Action Superstar” is included to demonstrate the actions for each of the 26 keywords mentioned by the narrator.  At the end of the play there is a short “recap poem” for the audience to join in with.  Both of these opportunities for interaction bring a relaxed ‘pantomime-style’ element of fun and comedy into the script.

Every detail has been considered to minimise your workload, so the illustrated alphabet letters that you will need are already provided for you as an instantly downloadable document to print, and actions and directions are suggested.

Illness and absence (even stage fright) will not be an issue, as long as you have narrator who is familiar with the script.

‌  Click the headings below for more specific details:

THE minimum CAST:  

  • 1 Narrator
  • 1 person to peg/ blue tack the letters up
  • ANY other number of participants (see below for ideas)

 Additional Options (I definitely recommend using the Instructor and Action Superstar for a uniquely interactive and fun nativity, with ‘audience participation’)

Despite being written as a simple nativity play, if you would like to have more complexity, or a larger cast the script would also provide parts for:

  • More narrators (share the script as preferred)
  • An optional “Instructor” (interacts with the audience and holds signs up for the audience to say.)
  • An optional “Action Superstar” (to demonstrate the actions to the 26 keywords mentioned in the narration)
  • Actors (traditional nativity costumes required) to mime the story as it is told.
  • Dancing or singing angels (Use the shepherds on the hillside scene to include something of your own choice)
  • Singers (optional opportunities provided to include small solos for angel, shepherds, and innkeeper.) 
  • Children to do the suggested actions of the key words mentioned for each letter of the alphabet.
  • A pianist or guitarist to play the songs using the sheet music provided, but backing music is also provided as mp3 files if you would prefer.


  • 2 washing lines, each long enough to hang 13 portrait sheets of A4 paper (at least 3 metres long each) and  space to hang the 2 washing lines up and peg 13 letters on each of them.
  • OR space to blue tack the 26 illustrated letters when the keyword is mentioned
  • 26 A4 sized illustrated alphabet letters (print off the pre-prepared document named “Alphabet Letters” which is included with your script)

This script is so simple and adaptable that it will work for any age, ability or size of cast and is especially well suited for special needs.  The basic cast requirement is:

  • Narrator(s), with 116 lines to read, plus 8 optional
  • 1 or preferably 2 people to peg/ blue tack the alphabet pictures up (or you may choose to have one child do each individual letter)

The following optional recommendations of the script aim to add more interest, complexity and involvement, so you can choose what you are able to include according to your circumstances.  (From my experience of using the script I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND including the Instructor for a fun interactive element with the audience, and the Action Superstar works brilliantly with the idea of getting the audience to participate with the actions in the recap poem at the end of the script)

  • An ‘Instructor’ (talks to the audience and holds up signs for them to read aloud)
  • An ‘Action Superstar’ who demonstrates the actions to the 26 keywords mentioned in the narration
  • Children to do the actions to the keywords: this can be instead of or as well as an Action Superstar who could lead a whole class in doing the actions.
  • Actors to mime any or all of the following roles as their part of the story is narrated:  Angel Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, Donkey, Caesar, Soldier, innkeepers, angels, shepherds, King Herod, Kings, Star. (No-one has any lines to say)
  • Singers (there are 9 optional short songs which lend themselves to including solo parts, and even acting within the songs.  Just be inventive and have fun!)

The Alphabet Nativity Play is the ultimate script for flexibility, so it can be performed without any songs, or using your own choice of song, or maybe even using carols for the audience to join in.  However, for your ease I have included 9 optional short songs with easily remembered, repetitive lyrics sung to familiar children’s tunes as follows:

  • An Angel Told Mary (To the tune of ‘The Arky, Arky song, otherwise known as ‘Rise and Shine’)
  • Knock, Knock, Knocking (To the tune of ‘Ten Green Bottles’)
  • Rockabye Jesus (to the tune of Rock-a-bye Baby)
  • Hurry, Hurry, Off You Go (To the tune of ‘Horsey, Horsey’)
  • We are Looking For a Baby (To the tune of ‘What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor’)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (the original)
  • Three Wise Men (To the tune of Three Blind Mice)
  • Christmas Day’s On Its Way (To the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’)
  • Hush Baby Jesus

Some simple mp3 backing tracks are provided in case you do not have any musicians, and sheet music is included at the end of the script if you prefer to accompany the children on the piano or guitar.  I would consider the songs more suited to younger children by nature of their deliberate simplicity and repetitive style, and several of the songs last just half a minute if you use the backing tracks provided. (see timings below for specifics)

Bearing in mind that every performance of a script will be different dependant upon the speed of the reading and acting, I have tried to offer a rough suggestion of the timing to expect for each element of the nativity play to give a guide as you adapt the script for your purposes:

  • Allow 10 minutes for the words of the script.
  • The 9 songs are all short and simple.  Allow a MINIMUM of 8 minutes 35 seconds for the backing tracks of the songs as recorded and included with the script.
  • If you include actors, allow for pauses in the script.
  • Allow extra time for the pauses as the alphabet letters are put up. (As a guide, we had 1 person passing and another pegging them up on the washing line, and it tended to add 20 seconds per letter, making an allowance of up to 8 minutes to display the 26 letters!  You can, of course, fine tune this as you choose.
  • If you include the “The Alphabet Nativity Roll Call Poem” allow 2 minutes. (All of the cast get an opportunity to bow and respond at the relevant point in the poem)
  • If you choose to use the poem “The Christmas Story Alphabet” to round off the play allow 1 and a half minutes.  (This is a great, fun ending to the play, getting all of the audience on their feet to join in with the actions at speed!)

The script requires minimal rehearsal, as the script is entirely narrated, so there is no memorising of the script necessary, with the exception of the ‘Instructor’ (if you choose to include this part) who speaks directly to the audience on 4 separate occasions, saying 2 short rhyming lines each time.  The effectiveness of this script is more about timing, so this is the element of the script that would need to be rehearsed.  Therefore, these are the considerations to pay attention to when planning what rehearsals you will require:

  1. The narrator will need to be a confident reader, but also someone who is capable of paying attention to the timing of the actions and the display of the illustrated alphabet letters whilst they read, to ensure that the play runs smoothly.
  2. The person(s) displaying the letters need to pay attention throughout the narration, and know when to display the keyword.  This is trickier than it might first seem, so it is easier to have one person following the script and then holding the letter up for a second person to place at the right moment. (The script has grey highlights to make it instantly noticeable when the letters are displayed to avoid damaging the flow of the script)
  3. The songs are very simple (if you choose to include them) and should be very easy to remember, but can be interchanged with your own familiar favourites if preferred, to minimise the need for rehearsal.  If you choose to use my songs, pay attention to the opportunities offered and sometimes specifically mentioned within the script for solo lines, or for acting during the songs.  Again, this would require extra rehearsal.
  4. You may choose to have children miming the story as it is narrated: this would, of course, take some rehearsal although the acting would be simple, walk on parts.
  5. The ‘Action Superstar’ needs to be familiar with hearing the script and specifically the keywords and the actions for them, as they will be demonstrating the actions to the audience as the script is read.  However, the actions are deliberately simple and flow together, and also the illustrations on the letters that are displayed act as a reminder of the keyword itself.
  6. If you have a whole class of children doing the actions to the keywords, they will need a short rehearsal to familiarise themselves with the actions.  Alternatively, the ‘Action Superstar’ could be relied on to simply copy, avoiding the needed for a full rehearsal.

In short, if the Narrator (s), Instructor, Action Superstar and letter displayers are individually familiar with their script, and manage the timing well they can minimise the need for a full rehearsal, regardless of how many extra elements you add into the script AS LONG AS EVERYONE WHO IS PARTICIPATING LISTENS CAREFULLY THROUGHOUT!

This script can be performed without any actors and therefore requires no special costumes;  simply a narrator, instructor, action superstar and person to display the letters.  Each of these can be dressed in everyday clothes, unless you choose to give them a specific outfit.

However, if you choose to include actors, you will simply require the traditional nativity costumes for any of the characters that you include as walk on parts, these being :

Angel Gabriel, Caesar, Soldier, Mary, Joseph, Donkey, Innkeepers, Shepherds, Angels, Kings, Star, King Herod

Just £9.95, for an instantly downloadable pdf document of the script, including sheet music, downloadable mp3 backing tracks of the music, and a set of the 26 illustrated alphabetical keywords ready to print off.

Alternatively, I highly recommend upgrading your purchase for just £2 extra, to receive all of the above in addition to A WORD DOCUMENT of the script to customise and personalise for your own nativity play.  It really is invaluable when it comes to personalising and customising your script, and distributing lines etc

The Alphabet Nativity Play tells the nativity story in rhyme and rhythm as an alphabet poem, stressing keywords in alphabetical order (eg,  An Angel appearing to Mary, the birth in Bethlehem as the Beginning of the story when a Census caused Mary and Joseph to travel to Bethlehem on a Donkey, etc.)

The perfect central positioning of the keywords in the alphabet stresses the message that ‘Jesus, King, Lord, and Messiah’ are at the very heart of the Nativity Story, and that Jesus’s birth gave us a ‘New beginning’.  Interwoven into the play is the message that Jesus’s birth was part of God’s plan, including Jesus’s crucifixion.  Finally, the play is rounded off with a poem which asks the questions “Why did God send Jesus to earth?” and “have you left baby Jesus simply sleeping in the hay?”

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I pride myself in making my scripts the best value for money around, so my ALPHABET NATIVITY PLAY  can be downloaded instantly to your computer for the special low price of  just £9.95.

For this one time investment you will receive:

An easy to follow script in pdf format with…..

  • Sheet music and mp3 backing tracks for 9 optional simple songs.
  • Suggested actions to do when specific keywords are mentioned.
  • Options and suggestions on ways to adapt and personalise the script.
  • Helpful directing suggestions.
  • Printable illustrated alphabet letters.
  • Permission to re-use the script with NO LICENCE FEE TO PAY

And wait, there’s more…….


which is yours to personalise and customise as you choose once you have bought it, so that you can……..

  • Reduce or lengthen the script
  • Add/ omit songs
  • Add names and directions
  • Print off your finished version, exactly representing your own personal nativity plans, and distribute copies as you choose.
  • All without any untidy scribbles or mess on the pages, leaving it as clear and easy as possible to read and use!

Having the downloadable copy was invaluable as we could adapt it to meet our own needs and personalise it” Kirsty, Summerhill Junior School, Bristol


  • The “Alphabet Nativity Roll Call” performance poem: a fabulous and unique finale for your nativity play.  Again, all in rhyme, this gives everyone involved the opportunity to stand and respond, in register format, (and maybe take a bow, or even, say their own line), again without rehearsal required, as each role is mentioned specifically.  This idea has been so well received that it has become my trademark and I now write one for every script.
  • The Christmas Story Alphabet”: A purpose written rhyming Christmas alphabet poem which can, if you choose, be read out to round up the message, at the end of your nativity play. It is carefully written to include all 26 of the keywords from the nativity play script so that the actions can be repeated, but at greater speed!

So, what are you waiting for?  It doesn’t get much better than this: Grab your LICENCE FREE COPY of the Alphabet Nativity Play  script at the …….

 Special Low Price of

(Not £21.95) but £9.95 for the PDF version
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You will then get the option to UPGRADE to the fully customizable Word Document package for just an extra £2.

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Why not let the narrator tell the entire story and give the cast instructions, all in rhyme via the script (making this possible to do without a rehearsal!)?

There are 19 small optional speaking parts (each following obvious prompts such as “The innkeeper said….), plus lots of narration to share as you choose, as well as an instructor giving the instructions to the actors if you have any.  

Printable script cards are included (plus ‘name tags’ for if you have a director brave enough to do an impromptu nativity play without rehearsal!)  If the actor doesn’t say it, the narrator does….

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The script, as it is written requires Mary, Joseph and an Innkeeper, but also has an additional 20 small optional speaking parts (each following obvious prompts such as “This is the angel who ………), plus 76 lines of narration, and 72 lines for the director (the director does not need to learn anything, but has the script on a clipboard and refers to it constantly as part of the director role, so he/she is able to scan read lines as if simply checking the script for the actors).

Printable script cards are included (plus ‘name tags’ for actors to hang around their necks to aid the director, if you are brave enough to do an impromptu nativity play without rehearsal!)  If any actors choose not to say their own lines, the script allows for a voice-over to say the lines on their behalf so that the script does not need reducing.  

Sound appealing?

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Prefer a nativity service with bible readings, a nativity play, a couple of songs for the children to perform, combined with  carol singing for the whole congregation? ……

  • Do you want to incorporate your nativity play into a nativity service, and all join in with some uplifting carol singing?  
  • Do you want a simple but effective play, with the unique effect of rhyme in the storyteller’s part, as well as the actors’ lines.  
  • Maybe rehearsals are difficult to achieve, or you prefer a ‘less performed’ approach, or would simply like less focus on the perfection of the performance and more on the biblical teaching?  
  • How great would it be to have all of the appropriate bible readings included, not to mention all of the script prompt cards pre-prepared and ready to simply print off and distribute?
  • Does a pre-prepared nativity service including the gentle innocence of a children’s nativity play, the joy of a good sing, and the teaching of the bible passages appeal to you?


Do you prefer to have simple children’s nativity songs included?
Each of the following scripts include sheet music AND mp3 backing tracks for the songs.  Click on the individual script titles for more details…..

Maybe you’d prefer the traditional bible based nativity story told with lots of gentle humour and adding a contemporary twist, again all in rhyme, including the narration which holds it all together, and interspersed with 6 simple songs (sheet music and mp3 backing tracks included)

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Tells the traditional bible based story from the perspective of the donkey, feeling unnoticed and unremarkable until he realises by the end of the story that he had been chosen to carry God’s unborn son to the place of his birth, and that God had not only noticed him but had actually been with him all along and actually LOVES his humble life.

Acted by a young child, the donkey can add a cute factor, or more of a comedic effect acted with attitude by an older child.  The story is told with lots of gentle humour and short speaking parts, all held together with a rhyming narration and interspersed with 6 simple songs.  Sound suitable for you?

If so, click here for more details of The Donkey’s Christmas Play

Would you prefer the combination of a modern day Christmas Eve setting anticipating Santa (or St Nicholas), alongside a reminder of the traditional bible based nativity introduced by Grandpa as a bedtime story (and acted out in rhyme), with a hint of pantomime villain in Herod?  This script also includes sheet music and mp3 backing tracks for 5 songs. Like the sound of it?

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Or how about the gossiping innkeeper’s wife telling the traditional nativity story using her diary, with her somewhat downtrodden husband, and the narrator correcting her version of events from time to time!

Mary also adds an extra touch of humour with her uniquely amusing dialogue with Joseph. (Older children and even teenagers particularly enjoy this nativity script, whilst younger children love the songs)  Again, this script includes sheet music and mp3 backing tracks to 6 simple songs.  Interested?


The last script is very specific and written for a church service, so it does not include songs but instead assumes that you will use your own carols or hymns for the congregation to join in with….

Do you have a fun, family atmosphere in your church?  Older children?  Not many children?  Little opportunity to rehearse? The hilarious and unique Do-It-Yourself Nativity Play invites people from the congregation to join in as the script progresses, all narrated and directed IN RHYME AND RHYTHM, and unashamedly mocking (via the script) the adult volunteers!  Sound like fun?

If so, click here to go to THE DIY NATIVITY PLAY.

Still prefer The Alphabet Nativity Play?

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Spoilt for choice?

At this price, where’s the harm in buying a couple and being prepared for next year too?  You have my blessing to mix and match the songs (and even parts of the scripts if you like.)  Adapt them as you choose.

Ps. if you are still not sure, remember that you don’t have to take my word for it. Read the fantastic testimonials that I have received, from teachers and nativity organisers who have used the scripts, or(in the absence of any testimonials specific to this new script).

PPs Still not sure? Click here and let the script previews speak for themselves.  In the meantime why not TRY OUT MY WORK FOR FREE? Download your FREE COPY of my “Nativity Roll Call” rhyming poem which makes a fantastic finish to any traditional nativity play!  Just enter your name and email address in the box below, click the “SEND IT NOW!” button and you will immediately be given the opportunity to download the Roll Call poem.  Once you’ve seen how simple and instant the download process is, why not come back to purchase your instantly downloadable nativity play – you’ll be glad you did!

Get your FREE "Nativity Roll Call" The perfect ending to any nativity play!

Thank you so much for your interest in my Nativity Roll Call Poem.  Unfortunately I am temporarily unable to provide an automated service for the Free Roll Call, (script purchases remain unaffected) but if you would like to email me at angela@bestchildrensnativity.com I shall be happy to email it to you in person.

Please accept my apologies for any potential delay, and my assurance that I shall personally attend to your request as a matter of urgency.  If you require any other assistance regarding your nativity planning please do not hesitate to ask and I shall do my best to help.

God bless


PPPs.  Why do I do it for this price?

I love the work that you are doing!  Let’s face it, you are doing endless extra hours and voluntary work, so this is my way of supporting you and saying that it is all worthwhile and appreciated.  Well done, and keep up the good work!  Enjoy the script, have fun with your nativity play, and have a wonderful Christmas!

God bless

Angela Yardy

The Alphabet Nativity Play