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These testimonials have all been received from satisfied customers in reference to  , (If you would like to see specific feedback relating to a particular script, I have provided these on their own page, links to which are at the bottom of this page.)

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The Children’s Nativity Story Testimonials

The Grandpa’s Nativity Story Testimonials

The following scripts are newly available for sale 2013, but I have used them myself for our church nativity productions so, based on my experience, I have provided my own opinion of its suitability to different situations, along with any tips, photographs or helpful suggestions that I can make:

The Day That Baby Jesus Came to Town Tips and photographs are provided for your assistance, with my own opinion

The D I Y Nativity Play

The final script is BRAND NEW, so I can only provide my opinion of its suitability to different scenarios based on my decade of running nativity plays in a church with different ages, abilities and sizes of cast……

Simplest Nativity Play Ever

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