The Alphabet Nativity Play….

Tells the traditional, bible based nativity story using alphabetical keywords in the narration,….

Which is carefully written to provide opportunities for the story to be mimed and actions to be performed for the key words, each one being represented by an illustrated letter.  The script is so flexible and adaptable that there are no restrictions on the size or ability of the cast, so you are truly free to adapt and personalise it to suit your requirements.

An optional “Instructor” role is written into the play for someone to interact with the audience, holding signs up for responses that the audience need to say.  Also, an optional role of “Action Superstar” is included to demonstrate the actions for each of the 26 keywords mentioned by the narrator.  At the end of the play there is a short “recap poem” for the audience to join in with.  Both of these opportunities for interaction bring a relaxed ‘pantomime-style’ element of fun and comedy into the script.

Every detail has been considered to minimise your workload, so the illustrated alphabet letters that you will need are already provided for you as an instantly downloadable document to print, and actions and directions are suggested.

Illness and absence (even stage fright) will not be an issue, as long as you have narrator who is familiar with the script.

Alphabet Nativity Play

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The script lasts around 25 minutes, and is written entirely in rhyme, going through each letter of the alphabet, adding a real uniqueness to your nativity play.  

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  • The “Alphabet Nativity Roll Call” performance poem: a fabulous and unique finale for your nativity play.  Again, all in rhyme, this gives everyone involved the opportunity to stand and respond, in register format, (and maybe take a bow, or even, say their own line), again without rehearsal required, as each role is mentioned specifically.  This idea has been so well received that it has become my trademark and I now write one for every script.
  • “The Christmas Story Alphabet”: A purpose written rhyming Christmas alphabet poem which can, if you choose, be read out to round up the message, at the end of your nativity play. It is carefully written to include all 26 of the keywords from the nativity play script so that the actions can be repeated, but at greater speed!

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You will then get the option to UPGRADE to the fully customizable Word Document package for just an extra £2.

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Prefer a nativity service with bible readings, a nativity play, a couple of songs for the children to perform, combined with carol singing for the whole congregation? ……

Would you prefer to use your own choice of songs/carols, or combine your nativity play with a church service and congregational hymns? 

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This last script is very specific and written for a church service….

Get your FREE "Nativity Roll Call"  

The perfect ending to any nativity play!

Thank you so much for your interest in my Nativity Roll Call Poem.  Unfortunately I am temporarily unable to provide an automated service for the Free Roll Call, (script purchases remain unaffected) but if you would like to email me at I shall be happy to email it to you in person.

Please accept my apologies for any potential delay, and my assurance that I shall personally attend to your request as a matter of urgency.  If you require any other assistance regarding your nativity planning please do not hesitate to ask and I shall do my best to help.

God bless


Want a Simple Nativity Play?

Angela’s assurance to you…..

“This REALLY IS as easy as ABC!

PLUS, all of the preparation work is done for you!” 

A simple nativity play, adaptable to your personal requirements and ideal for special needs, or even pre-school children, as well as for primary school or church nativity plays …. in fact, for ALL GROUPS of ANY AGE!

The script, written as a full length alphabet poem, is Adaptable, Brilliantly Creative, Deliberately Easy and Flexible, with simple songs provided if you choose to use them.

  • ACTIONS are suggested and ACTING IS OPTIONAL.  ie, The whole script is narrated in such a way that it offers the option for the story to be mimed as it is told, so there are NO LINES TO LEARN and MINIMAL REHEARSAL NECESSARY.
  • BE PREPARED.  Printable illustrated letters of the alphabet are provided for you.  As the story progresses through the alphabet, these are pegged up on display, and actions are suggested for the children to do for each of the 26 keywords highlighted.
  • COMEDY ELEMENT INCLUDED with an optional instructor who interacts with and involves the audience.

As I write scripts for my own use as a children’s leader, the Alphabet Nativity Play is, like all my plays……  

  • purpose written
  • adaptable
  • easy to use…. but this time with nothing to learn
  • easy to recast in the event of absence or illness,
  • simple to use regardless of the number of children, and
  • INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE in an easy to use format.

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At this price, where’s the harm in buying a couple and being prepared for next year too?  You have my blessing to mix and match the songs (and even parts of the scripts if you like.)  Adapt them as you choose.

Ps. if you are still not sure, remember that you don’t have to take my word for it. Read the fantastic testimonials that I have received, from teachers and nativity organisers who have used the scripts, or(in the absence of any testimonials specific to this new script).

PPs Still not sure? Click here and let the script previews speak for themselves.  In the meantime why not TRY OUT MY WORK FOR FREE? Download your FREE COPY of my “Nativity Roll Call” rhyming poem which makes a fantastic finish to any traditional nativity play!  Just enter your name and email address in the box below, click the “SEND IT NOW!” button and you will immediately be given the opportunity to download the Roll Call poem.  Once you’ve seen how simple and instant the download process is, why not come back to purchase your instantly downloadable nativity play – you’ll be glad you did!

PPPs.  Why do I do it for this price?

I love the work that you are doing!  Let’s face it, you are doing endless extra hours and voluntary work, so this is my way of supporting you and saying that it is all worthwhile and appreciated.  Well done, and keep up the good work!  Enjoy the script, have fun with your nativity play, and have a wonderful Christmas!

God bless

Angela Yardy

The Alphabet Nativity Play